The English proficiency test was conducted for 10 years by Pearson Language Test; the test is conducted in 180 countries and it is the first computer-based English proficiency test. The PTE exam is accepted by universities in the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Australia only due to which it is less popularly known. The test has some eligibility criteria such as the nationality of the applicant, they should have a valid passport of that country, and an age limit for students who should be above 16 years to apply for this test. The testing pattern is as follows reading section with 5 segments taken for 32 to 41 minutes, a listening section with 8 segments taken for 45 to 57 minutes, and a speaking & writing section with 6 segments taken for 77 to 91 minutes each section is marked between 10 to 90 points based on performance. The total application charge for PTE inclusive of taxes is around INR 14,700 and the test will be conducted in the same city, location and time will be sent through SMS and Email. The best part of taking the PTE test is that the results will be available within 48 hours of test completion due to the online testing method and pattern of the exam. The application link for the following test is as follows

The scoring pattern in PT is based the on level of difficulty

PTE Image